Saturday, July 14, 2007

Live Earth Lemon

It would appear that a great many people see through the socialist fodder known as "Live Earth," created by former Vice President, Al Gore. Live Earth is an "awareness" concept following in the footsteps of Live Aid; brainchild of musician Bob Geldof. Live Aid was the socialist answer to solving world poverty beginning in 1985. Have they solved it? Have they even came close to solving it? The answer is no.

Simply throwing money at poverty, does not cure it by any means. And, awareness alone will not either. The root causes must be attacked, broken, dismantled, and then re-built. How does giving money to a drug addict on the streets, actually "help" him? It doesn't. The term for that bleeding heart mentality is called enabling.

So now we have Live Earth. Al Gore has sounded the call to arms for his elitist Hollywood friends to help him push his delusional propaganda known as Global Warming. The same types of artsy-fartsy folks who ran to Geldof's Live Aid. But, at least Geldof's intentions had a noble cause unlike Al Gore. I honestly do not know what his intentions are (money), but I do know that he has gone completely insane after losing to George Bush in 2000. I do know that he drives in much larger cars than I do. I do know that he flys around the world in jet airplanes way more than I do. Not to mention all the flights taken by the entertainers of Live Earth, to travel to different cities on the globe. I do know, that he uses way more energy and puts more pollution in the air than I could in my lifetime. Yet it is he, who fly's around the globe giving speeches, telling others that they are killing the planet. This is called hypocrisy!

Newsweek 1975

In 1975, Newsweek ran a story beginning the fear mongering about global cooling. They said that as early as 1985, Canada, the former U.S.S.R., India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Indochina and Indonesia, would be suffer from food shortages.

"The evidence in support of these predictions has now begun to accumulate so massively that meteorologists are hard- pressed to keep up with it." Newsweek 1975

Now doesn't that sound familiar?!

"Last April,(1975) in the most devastating outbreak of tornadoes ever recorded, 148 twisters killed more than 300 people and caused half a billion dollars' worth of damage in 13 U.S. states."

Kind of sounds like the jump on the "more frequent and more destructive" hurricane bandwagon of today, does it not?

This next quote is great! So which is it? Cooling or warming? They seemed so sure of themselves 35 years ago, didn't they? Cooling was going wipe us out! Head for the hills!

"A survey completed last year by Dr. Murray Mitchell of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration reveals a drop of half a degree in average ground temperatures in the Northern Hemisphere between 1945 and 1968. According to George Kukla of Columbia University, satellite photos indicated a sudden, large increase in Northern Hemisphere snow cover in the winter of 1971-72. And a study released last month by two NOAA scientists notes that the amount of sunshine reaching the ground in the continental U.S. diminished by 1.3% between 1964 and 1972."

Scaring Politicians

"Climatologists are pessimistic that political leaders will take any positive action to compensate for the climatic change, or even to allay its effects."

"But the scientists see few signs that government leaders anywhere are even prepared to take the simple measures of stockpiling food or of introducing the variables of climatic uncertainty into economic projections of future food supplies. The longer the planners delay, the more difficult will they find it to cope with climatic change once the results become grim reality."

Deja Vu! We are all going die, we have only 50 years left to survive! Big oil is killing us! SUV's are killing us! George Bush is killing us! We didn't sign Kyoto and that alone will kill the entire planet! The United States is evil!

So apparently we were expending too much carbon emissions and we were polluting the "universe" with out cars, trucks, planes, etc...all causing global "cooling"....oh but now that we have instituted all sorts of emissions standards across the nation and each state has their own regulations that refineries must meet, we are STILL polluting the universe, but instead of global "cooling"...its now decided to "change" global "warming!"....sigh...

The Earth changes. It has constantly changed since it's creation. It gets hot, and it gets cold. Humans have been recording Earth temperatures for 150 years. How can we possibly use 150 years worth of recorded temperatures as a guideline to predict the future?

England use to grow grapes to make wine in the 1400's, during the Medieval Warming Period. They no longer make wine in England. Why? Because the temperature is not warm enough to grow grapes! But guess what? Once upon a time, it was warm enough, however the weather has changed.

The Al Gore environmental nuts are constantly referring to our polar ice caps which are melting, as proof, that we are heating up Earth with greenhouse gasses. That humans are the cause. That rich, industrialized nations are killing everybody. Then perhaps someone can tell me why the polar ice caps on Mars are melting too? Do Martians drive SUV's? Do they have factories that create jobs?

Global Warming is a natural occurrence. Ice Ages are a natural occurrence. Sun spots and solar flares are natural occurrences too. Just to let Al Gore know...the Sun and the Moon both have their influences on the earth. Sometimes they cooperate and sometimes they counteract each other. Such influences include gravity and the heat of the sun...yes, I know, difficult concept to grasp! Sigh...

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