Sunday, November 09, 2008

This is why I no longer call myself a Republican

The Republican party has no core values, no core principals and therefore has LOST all meaning, as well as the most recent elections!

The Republican party allows people like Arnold, who believe in gay marriage, abortion, global warming and a whole host of other liberal issues to be in our what makes "us" any different than the Democrats???

This is why we lost in 2006 and it is why we lost again last week!

Until we actually start holding each and EVERY member of the party to the core values that the party was founded upon...NOT just "fiscal conservative" policies...we are going to continue to lose...and for good reason!

This is pathetic...that a leading member of the party is calling on the courts to overturn the will of the people...disgusting!

I won't be giving a dime...or an ounce of my time, to the Republican party until they actually show me that they are serious about returning to and supporting our Founding Fathers vision for this nation!

Oh and you email and phone call to Arnold's office has already been made!!!

Schwarzenegger tells backers of gay marriage: Don't give up
The governor expresses hope that Proposition 8 would be overturned as protesters continue to march outside churches across California.

By Michael Rothfeld and Victoria Kim
2:26 PM PST, November 9, 2008

Reporting from Sacramento and Pasadena -- Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger today expressed hope that the California Supreme Court would overturn Proposition 8, the ballot initiative that outlawed same-sex marriage. He also predicted that the 18,000 gay and lesbian couples who have already married would not be affected by the initiative.

"It's unfortunate, obviously, but it's not the end," Schwarzenegger said in an interview on CNN this morning. "I think that we will again maybe undo that, if the court is willing to do that, and then move forward from there and again lead in that area."

With his favorable comments toward gay marriage, the governor's thinking appears to have evolved on the issue.

In past statements, he has said he personally believes marriage should be between a man and a woman and has rejected legislation authorizing same-sex marriage. Yet he has also said he would not care if same-sex marriage were legal, saying he believed that such an important societal issue should be determined by the voters or the courts.

Following that position, he publicly opposed Proposition 8, which amends the state Constitution to declare that "only marriage between a man and a woman is valid or recognized in California."

Today, Schwarzenegger urged backers of gay marriage to follow the lesson he learned as a bodybuilder trying to lift weights that were too heavy for him at first. "I learned that you should never ever give up. . . . They should never give up. They should be on it and on it until they get it done."

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Thursday, November 06, 2008

They have the SAME "RIGHTS" as EVERYONE else!!

I am so sick of this nonsense! The homosexual movement here in California has take things way too far! If this ends up in the courts again and is overturned as the ACLU and the homosexuals expect...then I think the rest of us living in CA should take to the streets prepared to riot! We voted, for the THIRD time, that marriage should be protected...its TIME for the homosexual activitists to let this be!

I have been saying for a while, this is not about "fair" or "equal" here in CA we accepted and recognized civil unions, giving each "couple" access to medical benefits, tax right offs, hospital visitation rights and on and on. But that is NOT what these radicals within the gay movement want...they want to DESTROY marriage as we know it! ENOUGH!

They are discriminated against at all...they have the EXACT same "RIGHT" to marry as everyone else. If a man, they can marry one woman....if a woman...they can marry one man, period!

What they want is a "special" state of marriage...a "new" state of marriage and ya know, the simple fact is that marriage was recognized because of one reason the traditional state of marriage PROCREATION can occur, effecting society.

Sorry, but currently two women or two men, can't within their relationship ONLY, produce a child.

Again, these radical activists aren't looking for what's "fair"...they are looking to make THEIR way of life the accepted NORM! They are trying to force their lifestyle choices upon the rest of us, period. If you want to be gay...that's your business....I don't care who you want to sleep with...but when you start trying to ram it down my throat and the throats of my children (public schools have already have had their text books and curiculm changed to teach the gay lifestyle!) their by changing and creating laws to protect your choices...I am going to speak out and I will fight you!

So much for the gay mantra of "compassion and tolerance" for everyone huh? They have NONE if you don't agree with them!!! And they do not respect the voices of the people of this state...who voted against gay marriage...despite the wording of the proposition being changted several times to fit the gay agenda! Read the article!

Gay Marriage Ban Protesters, Police Clash in California Streets

Thousands took to the streets of Los Angeles and San Francisco to protest California's passage of Proposition 8, a ban on gay marriage.

Demonstrators marched Wednesday night through West Hollywood, Hollywood and Santa Monica. Several stopped at busy intersections and blocked traffic, prompting police intervention.
An additional group of about 500 protesters gathered near CNN's Los Angeles bureau, where they were seen banging on the doors and walls.

Click here for photos.

The demonstrations caused the Los Angeles Police Department to declare a tactical alert — one requiring all available officers, including some from other precincts, to respond.

Television cameras showed one protester jumping on top of a police car at the intersection of Hollywood and Highland avenues. He was quickly wrestled to the ground by police and handcuffed.

Several others were arrested when a group of people broke away from the larger demonstration that began in West Hollywood earlier in the evening.

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Wednesday, November 05, 2008

I hate to say "I told you so," but...

I have been saying for the past 8 months that there was no way that McCain could win this election. That McCain, NEVER should have been allowed to even be a candidate...he's simply too old and his choice of Sarah Palin for VP just demonstrated his lack of judgement.

The question now do the Republicans put up enough strength to STOP Obama? My only hope is that the Republicans in the House and Senate will finally grow some and will actually DO something to block the liberals from furthering their agenda.

Where as, if McCain had won...Republicans would have "worked" with him (and the DEMOCRATS) to move us to the left anyway!

We'll watch the media and see how quickly they change their reporting on the economy...if they start focusing on the war on terror again (I saw the "body count" from Afghanistan scroll across CNN Monday night) and if they will actually start criticizing Obama's every move, as they have done for the past 8 years with President Bush.

Let's review any "bright spots" from the outcome of this election though:

  • Tom McClintock is FINALLY going to be a force on the national scene as he was just elected to the House of Representatives

  • Proposition 8 passed here in CA, which means our state's constitution will be amended, prohibiting gay marriage (although, I am sure that the homosexual agenda will be doing whatever they can to bring this issue back into the courts, as quickly as they can)

  • Proposition 102 in Arizona, which also protects marriage passed - the Arizona constitution will be amended by adding the following wording to the existing section on marriage:
    "Only a union of one man and one woman shall be valid or recognized as a marriage in this state"

  • Proposition 2 in Florida, which again, protects and defines marriage as being between one man and one woman, also passed

  • Proposition 11 here in CA passed, which will changes authority for establishing Assembly, Senate, and Board of Equalization district boundaries from elected representatives to 14 member commission

However, in CA Proposition 4 failed...this proposition was created to provide parental notification prior to a minor receiving an was put in place to protect our children. However the people of CA voted against it...instead opting to protect our animals from experiencing discomfort prior to being slaughtered as food! (Proposition 2 - prohibits the confinement of certain farm animals in a manner that does not allow them to turn around freely, lie down, stand up, and fully extend their limbs)

Can you imagine....we are worried that the animals we slaughter for food can't "stretch" their legs properly prior to the slaughter....yet its perfectly acceptable to parents to allow their 12-17 year olds to be given an abortion without their being made aware of it....what sad and pathetically confused people we are!

So the above highlighted "wins" are the only GOOD things that I can that came out of this election...Republicans lost further seats in both the Senate and the House...proving that people are just pretty much fed up with representatives who try to play "middle of the road"...we want leaders to actually LEAD, stand on principal and fight for our values and beliefs....not wishy-washy "moderates" who can't aritculate anything other than "I'll work across the isle!"

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

This is a sad day...

Sadly, its election day and I think that tomorrow morning we are going to wake up with Obama our new president elect!

McCain just missed the mark in my opinion...his choice of VP, Palin, did nothing to help his campaign. In the end, he just wasn't able to articulate his message and of course, not sticking to core values and principals...trying to play "middle of the road guy" NEVER works!

People want a leader who is desisive, direct and affirmative in their beliefs. Its just like in any company. When a CEO lays out clear objectives, is direct and certain about his vision for the company, the employees will fall in line and produce. They will be motivated and will feel confident in their leadership.

However, if the CEO is wishy-washy...can't articulate his position, is unsure of certain aspects of his vision and policies for the company, employees will be demotivated, frustrated and will not want to put in the effort required for the entire company to succeed.

LEADERS...that's what we want, not politicians who pander to this group and that...who change their messaging to fit each group they are speaking to, etc.

We want someone who looks professional, confident and secure...not someone (God love him) who looks tired, weak and uncertain.

The only hope now is that the American people will finally learn over the next four years that Socialism is NOT good for our nation...that DEMOCRATS are NOT good for our country!

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