Wednesday, July 04, 2007

War Tax Resistance

In objection to the war in Iraq, San Fransico Liberal David Gross is refusing to pay his Federal income taxes.

Fed Up With War, Some Won't Pay Taxes

Conscientious Objector: refusal on moral or religious grounds to bear arms in a military conflict or to serve in the armed forces.

It is clear that Mr. Gross would never have any intentions of serving in the Armed Forces, unless seeking an education, which is why the millitary is here to begin with, right? After all, he resides in San Fransico, where in 2005, city supervisers refused to allow the USS Iowa to retire there, citing local opposition to the Iraq war and the military's stance on gays, among other things. (They later stipulated that if the ship is made into a museum discriminating against white, heterosexual males, then they would allow the ship to dock there.)

"Peace activists are considering a mass tax resistance campaign next April to step up pressure to end the war in Iraq, Benn said. Many tax protesters say they redirect the money they withhold to charities."

But what get's me irritated, is that these people feel that they have the right to exclude themselves from paying income taxes in protest. There is probably not a single person in this nation, that would not have at least one reason to not pay taxes. So does that mean that we all have a right to not pay taxes because of personal issues? I am single and childless, does that mean that I have the "right" to not pay property taxes for schools? Can I opt out because I do not support welfare abuse? Or how about federaly funded abortions? Of course not!

But being a Conservative in today's America, I am obliged to, whereas Liberal Socialists, are not. What makes the tax protesters position even more rediclulous, is that they are deliberatley witholding tax payments which fund other Liberal causes, such as, say, AIDS research. They are choosing to essentially defund the social programs that THEY have lobbied for!

Being a Conservative, I have issues with taxes in general, but to allow someone who clearly has contempt for the United States Armed Forces, to get away with this, is disgraceful and disrespectful. These people are not refusing to serve in the millitary, they are deliberatley using civil disobedience to commit tax evasion, which our government will probably grant a charitable deduction for!

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