Friday, August 03, 2007

Traitor meets with Communist Leader

So this is supposed to what? Confirm for those who don't know already, that Sean Penn is a traitor and communist? Again, this brings up that question of treason...years ago, even during the Cold War, this "actor's" actions would have been considered treasonous and he may even have been considered an ex-patriot...preventing him from living here in America.

But, typically seen today, his actions are "hailed" as heroism and he is considered to be a "peacemaker" among many. What happened to our common sense? How can ANYONE honestly believe that Venezuela's people are better off under Chávez's control?

Apparently, Sean Penn chose to close his eyes to the fact that Chávez is not popular with the people of his nation...that he in fact, in 2002, he was ousted from power. He's received all sorts of political opposition, not only from his own military, but from the people of his nation.

Chávez has asserted tyrannical power and control over the people and much attention has been called towards examining the human rights...or lack their of, within Venezuela today. Living conditions have deteriorated and currently their "freedom of press", both television and newspapers, are being state controlled, again limiting rights of the people. The people are exposed to information and "news" (propoganda) authorized only by Chávez and his cronies.

And of course, if the above is not enough, Chávez has complete control over the economics of the nation, via his control of the oil industry and the prison system is completely appalling.

BUT...let's forget all of that...right Sean? Chávez doesn't like President Bush, so that is reason enough to visit and support the Communist tyrannt right? Sigh....disgraceful!

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