Thursday, September 13, 2007

Human Rights Hypocrisy

In January 2007, masked men grabbed a 5 year old Iraqi boy named Youssif, doused him with gasoline, and burned him alive.

On September 11, 2007, he and his family arrived in the United States for plastic surgery.

Now, I hate to bring politics into a situation such as this, but I feel that it is needed. Liberal Democrats claim a monopoly on championing human rights protections. Why then, are they turning their backs on people, and not limited to, little Youssif? How many mass graves have been unearthed in Iraq? How many horror stories have been documented showing the cruelty of Saddam Hussein? And I am not talking about making people wear panties on their heads, I am talking about real and true torture, such as cutting off people's hands, having a car roll over a child's arm to earn money, or tying a man to a pole and beat him while his neighbors are forced to watch.


Saddam Torture Video
Saddam Torture Video
Saddam Torture Video
Saddam Torture Video

Yet, Liberal Democrats want the US to leave the Middle East and allow these atrocities to continue, knowing full well of their existence. They say that they are against our soldiers dying in Iraq, but have no problems with our soldiers dying in Darfur. They say that the reason we are in the Middle East, is because they have oil over there. I say we are in the Middle East, because they brought terrorism over here.

Democrats need to realize, that the rest of the world does not live like we do, or, other nations that we have either liberated, or aided in their liberation. Japan brainwashed their citizens in WW II and slaughtered innocent Chinese in their conquest. War ended that. Germany executed 6 million Jews and countless others in their conquest of Europe. War ended that. After the ceasefire in Korea, South Korea was freed and flourished, while Communist North Korea suffered in poverty and dictatorship. War, led by a God fearing Republican, freed African slaves in the US.

Read the article about little Youssif and his family. Note their reaction to being in the United States:

"I feel like I'm in a dream,"

"You see America on television, but you never imagine or dream that you will ever be here." He paused, tears in his eyes.
"It's more than paradise."

To Liberals and to Democrats, this means nothing. To them, the only thing that matters, is that President Bush fails. The only thing that matters to them, is that their socialist agenda gets pushed through. The only thing more important to them, than atrocities in foreign lands, is that 1.2 million teenagers in the US, get a two dollar an hour raise in a minimum wage job while they go to school on tax payer funding, because that, will no doubt, cure the evils of the world.

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