Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Once again, our votes are meaningless
I say votes because in the past six years the voters of CA have voted against gay marriage, not one, but three times in general elections. Do our votes not matter at all anymore?

Apparently not. As this week the CA Senate has once again ignored the voice of the people and has passed AB43.

A previous post demonstrates how those in a domestic partnerships can and do have the same "rights" as those in a marriage between a man and a woman, the objective of the gay community is not seeking equality...they seek special acknowledgements, entitlements and superiortity in all aspects of life, as we see with their continued battle over the military's "Don't ask, don't tell" policy. Instead of being grateful that the military considers one's sexual preference as "none of their business"...the gay community wants to force them to not only recognize sexual preferences, but then give preferential treatment to certain groups because of it!

Little by little, we are losing more and more of any resemblance to a moralistic society. Those of us who simply want to live our lives freely, without extensive government involvement and intrusion; without having the majority of our paychecks taken to support non-essential government programs (i.e, the welfare state), and without government interference in the daily practice of our faith and beliefs, are ridiculed. We continue to have our voices ignored, even when they are in the majority, as in the case of gay marriage and California. We appear to no longer be a nation in which government is ruled by the people, for the people!

Instead, we have become a nation in which those in "power" have manipulated the system, taken advantage of the people and rule without regard to the laws in which our great nation was founded.

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