Thursday, January 31, 2008

McCain moving more and more towards the left of the party...

Instead of taking heed...and doing what he can to embrace the conservatives of the party, McCain continues to move towards the left. Arnold's endorsement, in my mind, only validates the fact that McCain is nothing more than a RINO - Liberal in disguise!

You know, what thing that so many Republican's say is..."well he'll be strong on the war on terror"...yea, well let's not forget that it is McCAIN that calls for the closing of Gitmo and the transfer of the caputured terrorists to the United States. Let's also not forget that he has stood on the side of the Liberals regarding our interogation methods, he "opposes" water boarding. In addition, he spoke out against President Bush's wiretapping program and the list could go on and much for being "tough" on the war on terror.


I Depend On Miracles said...

Well, call me uninformed , if you choose, but McCain was a prisoner of war. He was tortured and incarcerated illegally and understands those methods don't work. I am not a Republican but I would vote for him. That even surprizes me!!

neat62 said...

Hi "I depend",

Thanks for your comments and welcome to our blog! Please visit often and share with your friends! to respond to the content of your post...
Yes, we are all well aware that McCain was a prisoner of war...he reminds everyone, everytime he opens his mouth.

Granted, I admire him for his courage during that time, but its a little old to continue to go back to that experience, when, in fact, he's been in the Senate a great deal longer than he was a POW. I prefer to examine his record and honestly...I believe he's part of the problem, not the solution!

He's had the ability to make a difference since 1982...yet he's failed miserably...with the exception of getting passed his McCain/Feingold legislation. Which, thank to that, we now have candidates in the pockets of special interest groups, PAC's and Unions...all influencing what the candidates will do and NOT do today.

As far as treatment of terrorist prisoners...we treat them in the most humane way possible, perhaps you are uninformed of such. Don't believe that the rare instances of Abu Grabib, are the norm...they are not.

You ask how I can say that?? Because I come from a proud military family...and I have countless friends that currently serve.

Finally, let me remind you...waterboarding...would be the LEAST the terrorists would do to you...remember what the terrorists did to our soldiers and innocent contractors??

They mutilated their bodies WHILE the soldiers were ALIVE and then dragged their bodies through the streets...all without remorse, sorrow or any feeling of empathy at all and guess what? They would NOT hesitate to do the same to you today, if they could...its a very sad and horrific reality.

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