Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Christian Prosecuted: Refused to Photograph Homosexual ‘Commitment Ceremony’

As a Christian, Elaine Huguenin is against efforts to legitimize same-sex “marriage.”

So, when the Albuquerque photographer was asked via e-mail in September 2006 to photograph a “commitment ceremony” for two women, Huguenin declined. That was the end of the matter, she thought.

But Huguenin didn’t take into account New Mexico’s anti-discrimination laws. Instead of hiring another photographer, one of the lesbians, Vanessa Willock, filed a civil complaint against Huguenin’s company, Elane Photography.

Now, in one of the first cases of its kind in the state, a three-member tribunal of New Mexico’s Human Rights Commission is considering the complaint brought forward by New Mexico’s Human Rights Bureau, operated by the Labor Relations Division of the state’s Department of Workforce Solutions.

The tribunal will decide whether Huguenin should pay actual and punitive damages to Willock because of her decision not to take pictures of the homosexual ceremony.

Sorry, this is a human right issue?!?!?! This is bullshit!

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neat62 said...

Yep...this is absolutely outrageous. However, if I was Elaine Huguenin, I would take this as far as I could. "Bring it on" attitude! I would love to take this all the way to the US Supreme Court - let's put an end to this sort of interference. ANY BUSINESS should have the right to refuse service to ANYONE at ANYTIME - "No shoes, no shirt, no service" period!

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