Thursday, March 20, 2008

How do you think Obama will defend the "rev's" support of Hamas?

Yes, that's the July, 2007 "Pastors Page" - a newsletter printed and put out by Reverend Wright's Trinity Church in Chicago, the good ol' "rev" is apparently siding with and showing his support for Hamas! Yea, that's right...Hamas, that lovely little terrorist group that has committed heinous murders and acts of terror throughout the world, including recent March 7th, shooting attack at a Jewish Seminary in Jerusalem in which eight Israeli students were murdered.

Originally printed in the LA Times as “Hamas’ stand“, Pastor Wright added a new title, “A Fresh View of the Palestinian Struggle” - there was some outrage (can't say a whole lot because, typically the MSM gave the Times a pass) when the LA Times printed it...but where ANY outrage now?

Obama is a man looking to run the United States as its new a time when we are currently at war with Radical Islamist Fundamentalists, a group in which HAMAS certainly fits! Yet, here we find that the man that Obama endearingly calls his "old uncle" supports Hamas! Hmm...I wonder why it is again that Obama wants to quickly pull the troops out of Iraq? Couldn't be that he's actually looking for an American defeat could it???

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