Saturday, March 15, 2008

Human remains found at abortion clinic

State officials are investigating the alleged improper disposal of medical waste -- including body parts of aborted fetuses -- found in the Dumpster of a Lathrup Village clinic.

This is a disgusting discovery, yet sadly, is all too common. How many times have abortion clinics across the country been cited for similar disgraceful "habits" and worse?

Fetus Parts Found

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Women Accuse New Jersey Abortion Clinic of Malpractice

And I could post on and on about the hideous crimes that these abortion clinics have committed. When are people going to finally wake up and realize that this is the ultimate evil? How can a mother can murder her own in such a incideous and horrific manner? And why do we continue to openly "accept" this as "normal" behavior? Why are doctors who commit such heinous acts hailed as heroes? How can we dare question "torture" methods, such as water boarding, used on enemy insurgents when we continue to allow this ultimate evil?

As long as we continue to allow abortion, we will never be able to expect peace in our time and our society will only continue to degenerate until finally we destroy ourselves completely.

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