Saturday, March 15, 2008

Sleeping Student Awakened By Teacher Sues

Attorney: Teen Suffered Pain, Injuries To Eardrum

POSTED: 10:50 am EDT March 13, 2008

DANBURY, Conn. -- Danbury officials have been notified they are being sued by a student who was awakened in class by a teacher who made a loud noise.

Documents filed with the Town Clerk, a prelude to a lawsuit, claim that a sleeping student suffered hearing damage when his teacher woke him up by slamming her hand down on the boy's desk in December.

Attorney Alan Barry said Vinicios Robacher, 15, suffered pain and "very severe injuries to his left eardrum" when teacher Melissa Nadeau abruptly slammed the palm of her hand on his desk on Dec. 4.

THIS, is a frivilous lawsuit, for those who 1) Do not know what one is and 2) Deny the existance of them. (Liberals) This teacher should be given an award and the boy should be issued a detention. He should be made to clean the toilets in his school. His lawyer should help him.

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