Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Where are these headlines??

DEMOCRAT Governor abusing authority
DEMOCRAT Governor investigated
DEMOCRAT Governor abuses women
DEMOCRAT Governor cheats the people of New York
DEMOCRAT Governor lies...etc, etc.

If you don't yet get where I am going with this...take a look at the MSM and their reporting on DEMOCRAT Governor Spitzer and their LACK of mention that he's a DEMOCRAT!

Spitzer's Resignation Expected Wednesday

Spitzer Got Tripped up Laws He Enforced

Money Transers spur Spitzer Probe

Spitzer a Repeat Customer Investigators Say

And on and on...but we are supposed to believe that there is NO MEDIA BIAS in the MSM? HA! Do you remember the reporting when Senator Craig was arrested for the silliest charge ever? EVERY MSM outlet was sure to cite "Larry Craig, Idaho REPUBLICAN...

And of course on CNN, they decided to not focus on the fact that the NY Governor and former NY Attorney General, DEMOCRAT Spitzer has been breaking laws for at least the past 10 years and decided instead to focus on "scandals" within the GOP.

And where are the women's organizations speaking out in outrage at such behaviour? You know...groups like NOW why are they not reporting on the appalling treatment of women? The use of women as nothing more than sexual objects...or how about simply sexual harrassment? Course they will not speak out...just as they did not when their hero Bill Clinton sexually harrassed and in some cases raped, via asserting his "authority" over them.

How anyone can say they objectively view the MSM and organizations such as NOW and DO NOT see the hypocrisy and bias of them is frankly, a blantant lie!

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