Friday, April 11, 2008

Another Pathetic Study Offering MORE for WOMEN to Whine About

April 11, 2008
The Drudgery ReportBy Kathleen Parker

WASHINGTON -- Every few years, social scientists update Americans about how unfair life is -- for women, that is -- by comparing the amount of housework men and women do.

The latest, from the University of Michigan, found that though women's housework load has been reduced by about half and men's has doubled since researchers began measuring such things, life is still a drudge for the fairer sex.

The picture, nevertheless, is far from gloomy. In 1976, women averaged 26 hours of housework per week compared to just six hours for men. In 2005, women averaged 17 hours per week and men 13. Not quite equal, but vastly improved.

Yet, the study's findings have been presented and reported as un-glad tidings for women. The university news release carried the headline: "Exactly how much housework does a husband create?"

This much: "Having a husband creates an extra seven hours a week of housework for women. ... For men, the picture is very different: A wife saves men from about an hour of housework a week."

Needless to say, the hell gets hotter for women when children enter the picture. The only good news is for single men and women, both of whom do less housework -- as long as they stay clear of the altar.

In other words, marry, have a family and be miserable. Remain single and childless and be happy. More or less.

Today's women don't want equality...they want superiority!

Once upon a time a woman was proud to call herself a mom and loving wife and men exhibited character and courage, going out each day to their jobs, working hard to care and provide for their families.

Today, however, we see the complete feminization of men. Men are "in touch" with their feelings and half the time can't decide what it is they are feeling at all. While women have become more and more like men, asserting themselves and proud to do so, in all aspects of life, except for one, motherhood!

Women somehow have been made to feel that they need to seek "superiority" over man, instead of understanding that men and women are different, simply because we were created that way.

Today's men are afraid of commitment and women don't want it.

Men don't know whether to hold open the door or allow the woman to hold it open for them. We have sent them so many mixed messages over the past 40 years, who can blame them? We tell them we want them to treat us with respect and love, but at the same time, we demand they treat us as if we were just "one of the guys."

Women expect be treated as equals and to hold high places in business, politics and even the military, but at the same time, they expect "special treatment" through programs like Affirmative Action simply because they are "women" and after all, they have "emotions."

Is it any wonder that men are so confused today? They don't know if they want to marry us women or if they should stick with their own gender, because women have been telling them for so long that we are "just like them" in every way.

Women want to go out and have sex without regard to consequence only to cry when they find themselves pregnant or with an STD that some "evil" male did this to me. As if they had no choice in the matter at all. They think nothing of murdering their own through abortion and then want to be thought of as compassionate, tolerant and loving women.

They want to be regarded as intellectuals but then tell us that they are incapable of making rational decisions or controlling themselves when it comes to their sexual desires.

They want to throw "it's MY body" in the face of the man when they find themselves pregnant and looking to abort, but demand payment and support when they choose to give birth, despite what the father's wishes may be.

No, its not about "who" does more housework over the other...its about today's women believing they are "entitled" to do less, because they demanded to be allowed into the work force and have only now begun to realize they, in fact, can't do it all!

Again, they don't want equality...they want to be deemed superior to men...yet they fail to realize that in the greatest way they are "superior," - simply because they are the one's who were given the blessed gift of delivering new life...something NO MAN will ever be able to do!

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