Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Obama: What a dick!

April 02, 2008 2:02 PM

ABC News' Sunlen Miller Reports: He's been running for president for 13 months and Sen. Barack Obama, D-Ill., may be showing some of the wear and tear of the campaign trail.

One particularly aggressive person -- who, according to the campaign, may be a professional autograph seeker/seller who needed 'proof' that he actually been with the candidate in order to sell the Senator's autograph(s) online -- seemed to fray Obama's nerves as the Senator made an unadvertised stop an Italian market in Philly on Wednesday.

Watch the VIDEO HERE.

In three separate acts -- perhaps entitled "The Irritation of Obama" -- the normally calm and collected candidate grew increasingly agitated:

Run in #1:
Outside the first shop, on the way in
Man: "Senator, can I have a quick picture with you?"
(Obama has his arm on the guys arm in a very nice way, like he does when he shakes a hand but refuses to take a picture and walks away)
Man: "It will take you two seconds. Don't cram me, I'm not doing anything to anybody. Jesus."

Run in #2:
After the first shop
Man: "Senator, can I get a picture with you?"
Obama: (slightly annoyed) "You are wearing me out brother."
Man: "I got one with Hillary Clinton, and I got one with McCain. Come on Senator, that's not right."

Run in #3:
In the street
Man: "Senator, can I please, a quick one?"
Obama: (very annoyed) "No, you know what, no."
Man: "Can I just say something to you real fast?"
Obama: "Yea, you can."
Man: "I had one with Hillary Clinton and I had one with Senator McCain."
Obama: "I am sure you do. Because when I was trying to talk to some kids –- and, I know, look...
Man: "No, my wife is a school teacher and she was there. She had to go back and that wasn't right. What, won't you just take a picture with me? I'm not asking you for a autograph; it's for my family.
Obama: "Yeah, well, whatever. Just take it. I won't be smiling. Because you're wearing me out. . . No no, you've been really rude about it. Just take a shot."

Obama and the man did not take a shot. The man was still arguing with the Senator when Secret Service stepped in (non confrontationally) to provide the denouement.

Take the flippin picture!! Is that how you treat the people that you may lead(ha, ha, ha)? What a dick!

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