Saturday, April 05, 2008

Schools ban cake in New Zeland

New Zealand school: Find another way to celebrate birthdays with class
Reuters updated 2:35 p.m. CT, Fri., April. 4, 2008

WELLINGTON, New Zealand - Children in a New Zealand school have been banned from bringing cakes to share on their birthdays, due to new government healthy eating guidelines.

Pupils at Oteha Valley primary school north of Auckland have been told they are allowed to celebrate their birthdays, but the cake must stay at home, the New Zealand Herald newspaper reported.

The Ministry of Education has been on a fat-busting crusade, introducing sweeping guidelines against unhealthy food in New Zealand schools.

Oteha Valley has a large number of pupils born in September and October, and there can be up to four cakes a week in some classes, principal Megan Bowden told the Herald.

It had gotten to the point where parents thought they were required to provide a cake for their child's birthday.

The school has advised parents in a newsletter to stop sending cakes to school from the next term.

A Ministry of Education spokesman told the Herald the government guidelines only applied to food sold on the premises, and schools did not need to monitor food brought in from outside.

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It's simply a matter of time until this happens here. Oh wait, it already is:

"Illinois authorities are not the first to look at implementing restrictions on the sale of junk food in schools, in response to concerns over the growing incidence of childhood obesity.

Elementary schools in Arizona, Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maryland, Mississippi, Nebraska, New Jersey, New York, and West Virginia have already banned the sale of junk food in schools until at least after lunch. And other states have gone even further. Hawaii bans junk food in all schools all day. Florida bans the sale of junk food in elementary schools all day, and in secondary schools until after lunch."
God forbid they control the real reason for obesity: Video Games and the media. Video games because of going outside to play, kids sit on their fat asses and play video games all night. And the media because they scare the hell out of parents with their doom and gloom stories all day long. Keep voting Democrat and let them take away our basic living freedoms. Lock-N-Load baby.

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