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Democracy Hijacked

In the good ole days, when liberals were actually “liberal,” focused upon individual liberty above all else, and Democrats were actually “democratic” instead of dictatorial elitists focused more on not counting votes than on letting every voice be heard, the words “democratic change” had a very different meaning.

The concept of democracy has since been hijacked. In the 2008 race for the White House, the Democrat candidate with the most popular support is Hillary Clinton. But somehow, the DNC nominee is Barack Hussein Obama. Not so long ago, this could not have been defined as democracy in action. It would have been rightfully referred to as the “hijacking” of a party nomination.

Democracy used to suggest a limited government representing the common interests of the people, who were otherwise free to pursue individual interests without government interference.

Today, democracy has been perverted to meet with definitions by Thomas Jefferson, “A democracy is nothing more than mob rule, where fifty-one percent of the people may take away the rights of the other forty-nine.” – and Karl Marx, “Democracy is the road to Socialism.”

In the 2000 election, it was Democrats who worked around the clock to make certain that the overseas military vote was NOT counted, using any technicality available in election law to disenfranchise as many military votes as possible. That’s because military votes always lean 8-1 Republican.

The endless recounts in Florida were the result of voter confusion over a butterfly styled ballot, which was designed by Florida FEC democrats, and had been used by democrats in many districts for years, with the sole intent of confusing voters. This time, it backfired and cost Democrats the White House. It confused Democrat voters instead of Republican voters this time.

Democrat ballot boxes have been stuffed with duplicate voters, illegal alien and felon voters and even dead voters for years now. But it is Democrats who scream election fraud anytime they lose an election, often asserting fraud before an election is even held, just to set the stage for legal challenges in case they happen to lose.

Meanwhile, it is Democrats who refused to count Florida or Michigan Democrat votes that would have given Hillary Clinton the party nomination in 2008. Barack Obama is the chosen one, not the elected one. Dirty Democrat tricks, used against Republican opponents for years, have now been turned on Democrat voters and many of those voters know it.

There Is Nothing Democratic about Today’s Democrats or Their Version of Democracy

Instead, the New Democrats and the Democratic Socialists of America are in a fight to the finish for future control of the DNC. Old JFK Democrats are left out in the cold, represented by neither faction, and many of them will be voting for Republican John McCain this fall as a result.

The New Democrats are represented by Hillary Clinton and they portray themselves as the pro-American centrist faction of today’s Democrat Party. To half of Americans, they can only be defined as “centrists” on the basis of their desire for “central socialist power.” But they are a kinder-gentler, more patient version of Democratic Socialism.

The Democratic Socialists of America are represented by Barack Hussein Obama and they are the grassroots “Movement for Democratic Change,” the new buzz word title used to disguise the modern international march towards “socialism” via democratic processes, which is currently waging political warfare against societies from America to South Africa and Europe. These folks have a take-no-prisoners approach to advancing the socialist agenda.

Left Out of the Equation Entirely Are Old Jefferson/JFK Democrats

Old Democrats, who still believe in American sovereignty and security as JFK did, who still believe in individual liberty instead of ultimate central power in Washington DC, as Thomas Jefferson did, who still believe in real individual equal opportunity as Martin Luther King did, not the new racism present in the constant grab for free stuff that the MLK movement has since been perverted into, find themselves politically homeless today.

Of course, as timing would have it, old Republicans who still believe in all of the foundational American principles and values, find themselves in a similar position today. 70% voted against John McCain in the RNC primaries and still, McCain is their less than desirable nominee for the general election.

Bottom line, old Americans, both Republican and Democrat, find themselves outcasts in their own parties today and none of them are quite sure what to do about it.

As one of two men will be the next president of the United States, the likelihood falls in favor of the one who is at least qualified to be president, John McCain. Old Americans will likely default to the least dangerous option come November, regardless of past party loyalties.

But make no mistake, real Americans on both sides of the aisle are fed up with having undesirable candidates forced down their throats by party dictators and having to choose the lesser evil in every election. Something must change, and soon.

An Election about Communism, Socialism & Socialism Light

America has been moving towards a state of socialism for more than sixty years now. Some would say almost a hundred years.

Conservatives are bright enough to recognize the reality that McCain represents only a Republican form of socialism light. But how many Clinton supporters recognize that they are supporting outright socialism under the Clinton banner, and how many Obama supporters understand that they are cheering on a man who has been a life long believer in absolute communist principles?

The 2008 election is a choice between socialism light with McCain and outright communism with a racist flare, with Obama. In that field, Hillary Clinton really is the “centrist” to the degree that she is indeed well left of McCain, but well right of Obama. It’s the only way she can be called a “centrist.”

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