Thursday, June 05, 2008

Good news on the teenage front!

In a new study released by the CDC yesterday, it appears that more teenagers are choosing to abstain today then in the 1990's. Of course, the MSM will never say that abstinence teaching in schools have any effect on behavior...they will just continue to tell us that it's more important for "safe sex" to be taught...sigh...

CDC Study: Teen Sex, Drug Use Down Compared to 1990's
Thursday, June 05, 2008

Teen sex, as well as drug and alcohol use has declined compared to the 1990's, but Hispanics are not sharing in the progress, according to a new federal survey.

Hispanic high school students use drugs and attempt suicide at higher rates than their black and white classmates, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention survey found.

The CDC questioned 14,041 students in grades nine through 12 in 39 states in the spring of 2007 on a range of risky behaviors.

In 1991, 54 percent of the high school students said they had ever had sexual intercourse, compared to 48 percent in 2007. In 1991, 19 percent said they had at least four sexual partners, compared to 15 percent last year, the survey showed.

For the students overall, just under half have had sex, 75 percent have tried alcohol and 20 percent smoke.

The study is given to high school students every two years. The new report noted that black and white students are reporting less sexual activity than in years past, but there was no decline among Hispanics.

However, whites reported the highest rates of smoking and heavy drinking, while blacks reported the highest rates of obesity and violence.

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