Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Tony Rezko - GUILTY!

So do you think Hillary will bring any attention to this over the next couple days? You know the superdelegates and delegates are not obligated or bound to vote for any one other words, they are not committed to voting for those who they have stated they support thus far.

I am betting that, along with this...and the recent Trinity United nonsense, Hillary is not going to go silently this week. I think we are going to see some nasty hard hitting tomorrow and Friday and I am almost willing to bet that she will carry this all the way to the Democratic convention and frankly, I wouldn't blame her if she did...just based on Obama's lack of experience, there is no way that he should even be considered a viable candidate!!

Jury Finds Tony Rezko Guilty On 16 Of 24 Charges

Political Fundraiser Has Surrendered, To Begin Serving Time Immediately(CBS) A prominent fundraiser for Sen. Barack Obama and Gov. Rod Blagojevich was convicted Wednesday of fraud and money laundering after a high-profile federal trial provided an unusually detailed glimpse of the pay-to-play politics that has made Illinois infamous.

Antoin "Tony" Rezko, 52, showed no emotion as the jury delivered a mixed verdict that found him guilty of scheming with the government's star witness to get kickbacks out of money management firms wanting state business, but acquitted him of charges that included attempted extortion.

Rezko attorney Joseph Duffy said the defense is "obviously very disappointed" in the jury's guilty verdicts. He said Wednesday afternoon they will pursue and appeal.

Duffy says it was Rezko's decision to surrender and begin serving his sentence. Sentencing is set for September 3rd at 10 a.m. The maximum sentence he could face is 20 years in prison.

The jury's mixed verdict acquitted Rezko of some of the most serious charges, including attempted extortion.

Rezko was found guilty of 16 of 24 counts. He was found guilty on the two more serious counts, on money laundering and aiding and abetting money laundering, counts 23 and 24.

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