Monday, September 15, 2008

Any other citizen would be facing jail time...

But of course, he's not "any" citizen...he's the "esteemed" Charlie Rangel!! The chairman of the House Ways and Means know, the committee that actually writes the tax laws...sigh...

Course, if he had an R next to his name, black or white wouldn't be the issue...the only thing we would hear about is how corrupt Republican's are...he would have lost not only his chairmen's position, but would have been forced out of the House altogether and of course, the media would be crying "SCANDAL" all over the place!

But alas...he's a black democrat who will get an absolute pass, who will remain in office and in about 6 months will be hailed as a hero once again as he cries that the whole investigation was due to the fact that he's black...I can just hear him now playing the RACE card..."I was only investigated because I am black!!!"

I love the many excuses that Rangel has been stating since all of this began...especially the one in which he blames his wife as she's the "financier" in the family! LOL! So much for "female brain power!"

More Errors For Rep. Rangel; Hires New Account

Though Many Think Harlem Congressman's High-Powered Job Is Safe, House Speaker Pelosi Has Final Say

NEW YORK (CBS) ― Congressman Charles Rangel is under fire once again over questions about his personal finances.

On Monday, the chairman of the powerful House Ways & Means Committee was scheduled to meet privately with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, trying to deal with the ethics questions that just won't go away.

Rangel emerged from a private meeting with fellow lawmakers Monday night having survived another day as chairman of the tax writing committee despite lingering questions about his personal finances and unpaid taxes on a beach house.

"I am unable to say anything," the Democrat said, before rattling off his name, rank and serial number from his days as a soldier in the Korean War. "Do to me what you want, I'm not talking."

Asked if he was still the chairman of the Ways & Means Committee, Rangel smiled and said nothing.

"You're damn right he's the chairman," replied fellow lawmaker Sander Levin, D-Mich.

Rangel's meeting with fellow Democrats on the committee lasted nearly an hour. During that time, many lawmakers in the room voiced support for Rangel continuing in his high position while the House ethics committee probes his finances, according to people who were there and spoke on condition of anonymity because the discussions were private.

Although he is one of the most powerful men in Washington, here in his own district -- to avoid yet another round of embarrassing questions from reporters -- Rangel had to be brought in through a back door on Monday, surrounded by children, no less. He did acknowledge that he was going to be asked about Speaker Pelosi, but said he did not want to take away from what was supposed to be the children's day.

"The feeling was it had to do with Speaker Pelosi, but I don't want to detract from this at all," Rangel said.

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