Thursday, November 06, 2008

They have the SAME "RIGHTS" as EVERYONE else!!

I am so sick of this nonsense! The homosexual movement here in California has take things way too far! If this ends up in the courts again and is overturned as the ACLU and the homosexuals expect...then I think the rest of us living in CA should take to the streets prepared to riot! We voted, for the THIRD time, that marriage should be protected...its TIME for the homosexual activitists to let this be!

I have been saying for a while, this is not about "fair" or "equal" here in CA we accepted and recognized civil unions, giving each "couple" access to medical benefits, tax right offs, hospital visitation rights and on and on. But that is NOT what these radicals within the gay movement want...they want to DESTROY marriage as we know it! ENOUGH!

They are discriminated against at all...they have the EXACT same "RIGHT" to marry as everyone else. If a man, they can marry one woman....if a woman...they can marry one man, period!

What they want is a "special" state of marriage...a "new" state of marriage and ya know, the simple fact is that marriage was recognized because of one reason the traditional state of marriage PROCREATION can occur, effecting society.

Sorry, but currently two women or two men, can't within their relationship ONLY, produce a child.

Again, these radical activists aren't looking for what's "fair"...they are looking to make THEIR way of life the accepted NORM! They are trying to force their lifestyle choices upon the rest of us, period. If you want to be gay...that's your business....I don't care who you want to sleep with...but when you start trying to ram it down my throat and the throats of my children (public schools have already have had their text books and curiculm changed to teach the gay lifestyle!) their by changing and creating laws to protect your choices...I am going to speak out and I will fight you!

So much for the gay mantra of "compassion and tolerance" for everyone huh? They have NONE if you don't agree with them!!! And they do not respect the voices of the people of this state...who voted against gay marriage...despite the wording of the proposition being changted several times to fit the gay agenda! Read the article!

Gay Marriage Ban Protesters, Police Clash in California Streets

Thousands took to the streets of Los Angeles and San Francisco to protest California's passage of Proposition 8, a ban on gay marriage.

Demonstrators marched Wednesday night through West Hollywood, Hollywood and Santa Monica. Several stopped at busy intersections and blocked traffic, prompting police intervention.
An additional group of about 500 protesters gathered near CNN's Los Angeles bureau, where they were seen banging on the doors and walls.

Click here for photos.

The demonstrations caused the Los Angeles Police Department to declare a tactical alert — one requiring all available officers, including some from other precincts, to respond.

Television cameras showed one protester jumping on top of a police car at the intersection of Hollywood and Highland avenues. He was quickly wrestled to the ground by police and handcuffed.

Several others were arrested when a group of people broke away from the larger demonstration that began in West Hollywood earlier in the evening.

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Anonymous said...

wow i don't know how i came upon your blog... but good lord you're remarkable. it saddens to here someone saying that homosexuals have the "same rights" when they aren't allowed to marry whomever they choose. honestly... who is ANYONE to judge? i'm not trying to bash on your ideals or anything... i'm just expressing a concern for your notion of "same rights". one's sexual orientation should not stifle his or her ability to enjoy the rights that every person alive deserves. i guess i just don't see how you are upset when homosexual's get married (seeing as how it has nothing to do with you, you're just rejecting the idea)

i feel as if it would be the same if we went back a few decades and all the men in the united states said "just let it be" to all the women who weren't allowed to vote. (if that was a stupid comparison then sorry... first one to come to mind) but i really think it is THAT ridiculous of an idea to not allow same-sex marriage.

anyway i am in no way trying to convince you otherwise or attacking your beliefs in anyway personally... just ranting as i read through a few of your posts (just couldn't resist... curiosity)

p.s. - i am a heterosexual male.

neat62 said...

Please...comment all you would like...all commentary is welcome.

However, I stand by my statement...homosexuals absolutely have the same right as everyone else...every ONE MAN...can marry ANY ONE WOMAN they so CHOOSE...and vice versa...those "rights" exist for everyone here in the US.

What the homosexuals want, however, is a "special right" to marry, outside of the 'norm'...and if they get their way...then why not allow one man to marry two or three women, if all are in consent?

I live in CA where three years ago civil unions were recognized and homosexuals were given all the "advantages" of a married couple...but guess what? That's not enough for the homosexual agenda...they want to destroy the institution of marriage...period.

And ya know what...since I am a single individual and I do not have children...I am going to start demanding, the way the homosexuals do, my "rights" too. For instance, since I do not have children, I do not feel it is "fair" for me to have to pay taxes that go to the education of children. In fact, I think I am going to file a discrimination law suit...because I am not receiving the "benefits" of a married couple with children!!

See how ridiculous it can get?

Besides...when did this nation become ruled by the minority??

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