Tuesday, November 04, 2008

This is a sad day...

Sadly, its election day and I think that tomorrow morning we are going to wake up with Obama our new president elect!

McCain just missed the mark in my opinion...his choice of VP, Palin, did nothing to help his campaign. In the end, he just wasn't able to articulate his message and of course, not sticking to core values and principals...trying to play "middle of the road guy" NEVER works!

People want a leader who is desisive, direct and affirmative in their beliefs. Its just like in any company. When a CEO lays out clear objectives, is direct and certain about his vision for the company, the employees will fall in line and produce. They will be motivated and will feel confident in their leadership.

However, if the CEO is wishy-washy...can't articulate his position, is unsure of certain aspects of his vision and policies for the company, employees will be demotivated, frustrated and will not want to put in the effort required for the entire company to succeed.

LEADERS...that's what we want, not politicians who pander to this group and that...who change their messaging to fit each group they are speaking to, etc.

We want someone who looks professional, confident and secure...not someone (God love him) who looks tired, weak and uncertain.

The only hope now is that the American people will finally learn over the next four years that Socialism is NOT good for our nation...that DEMOCRATS are NOT good for our country!

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