Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Democrats Push For Universal HealthCare

First off, let me clarify something that very often is left unsaid...we, in the United States all have access to "universal healthcare" already. No hospital in the nation can deny an individual needed medical attention. You may have to pay for it...but you will, nonetheless, receive the care required. Any individual in the US has a "right" to call 911 at any time to receive emergency medical attention...likewise; any individual can enter any hospital emergency room and expect to receive care in urgent circumstances. Emergency Medical Treatment & Labor Act

The hubbub about healthcare, has to do with specifically, the issuance of universal healthcare INSURANCE. Insurance...a word that most will convenienty leave off, insinuating that American's will actually not be given medical care when they are in need. Completely false, as anyone can see, by reading the EMTLA that was enacted as law in 1986!

As I mentioned above...you may be asked to pay for the medical care that you receive, however, most hospitals and doctors offices will go out of their way to arrange payment plans that are acceptable and frankly, as long as you are paying something monthly, most hospitals will not turn your account over to collections or send a derogatory mark to your credit report...check out, for instance, Kaiser Permanente's policy regarding medical financial assistance.

So now that I have cleared that up...lets talk about how wonderful "universal healthcare insurance" really is and what it would mean to have the government take hold of just one more aspect of our lives, shall we?

Personally, I have a real problem with anyone, let alone the government, dictating to me when I can receive medical care and who I can go to, to receive it. Just to demonstrate what I mean and how this would take place if we moved to a healthcare system similar to that of...say...Canada, check this out Letter from ex-Canadian citizen.

Now can anyone, after reading that, honestly tell me that universal healthcare coverage would be the answer to our medical ales? Myself, I believe we do need some reform, but reform in a few other things, such as reform of frivolous lawsuits, reform and deregulation of the insurance industry, reform of the FDA and finally reform and deregulation of the pharmaceutical industry.

I can't believe that after watching the fiasco of FEMA or NASA or the disgrace of our public school system, that anyone can say that getting the government involved is the "best solution".

If we take a look at the industries that have not been regulated or in which government has been kept out, such as technology. We can see how incredibly well the private sector can achieve progress and solve many of our current issues, much better than a bureaucratic government agency can. For instance, I am currently posting this from the luxury of my own home...sitting on my couch, laptop literally on my lap. This laptop came to me at a cost of about $850. Where as just five years ago, I, one) wouldn't have been able to find a laptop with the same technical capabilities this one has...two) would have had to pay about $1500 for one with less functionality. Obviously, you can see my point. The private sector, directed by competition, has enabled us to not only have access to greater tools, but also at a lesser price.

Now doesn't it make sense that if we got the government out of all aspects of the medical industry, we would also find similar results and indeed, medical coverage would come at a cheaper price while the technologies continue to advance?

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