Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Presidential Candidates In First Ever Gay Debate...???

They have GOT to be joking right? Apparently not! The leading Demoncrat Presidential candidates are actually going to participate in a debate that is specifically designed to meet and answer the specific "needs and concerns" of the gay and lesbian activist community.

Can you imagine what would happen if the Republican candidates announced that they were going to hold a "religious" debate?...one directed at answering questions and concerns designed specifically for say...the pro-life movement or how prayer will be brought back into the public education system?

Yet, these Democrats will get away with and will be perceived by the liberal media as all "compassionate and tolerant"..."looking out for the "best interests" of the gay community...sigh....

Then again, maybe this is just what Conservatives need...this will expose the agenda behind the Democratic Party. They are not concerned with protecting our nation, they are not concerned with the war on terror, they are not concerned with the heavy tax burdens we, the citizens, feel...oh no...they are concerned with "gay marriage"....abolishing the "don't ask, don't tell" policy of the military...they are concerned with ensuring "abortion on demand"...and on and on...its pathetic.

The gay and lesbian activist community demands that they be treated "equally" yet what they really want, much like the "feminist" movement is not equality, but superiority. They want to gain special privileges and "rights" within our society that currently others are not given. They want to ensure that they are treated with "compassion" while they laugh, spit and harrass those who are not like them. They want to push for "hate speech punishments" if you do not agree with their lifestyle choices, they want government schools to educate children about the gay lifestyle, but of course, eliminate completely any education of abstinence...sigh...

Sadly, many continue to fall for this type of "compassion and tolerance" delivered by the Democratic Party, in essence all it really is, is discrimination of those who are not gay.

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