Thursday, July 19, 2007

No bloodbath in Vietnam??

According to Senator Kerry, when the US pulled out of Vietnam in 1975 there was no "bloodbath" that followed. Apparently, he's never seen the movie "The Killing Fields" nor has he ever heard of Pol Pot or his bloody ethnic-cleansing campaign.

In July 1986, the Wall Street Journal wrote, "South Vietnam was eventually conquered by the North, and Cambodia was taken over by the communist Khmer Rouge, who in trying to recreate a primitive communist agricultural society slaughtered from 1 million to 3 million Cambodians. If we take 2 million as the best estimate, then in four years the government of this small nation of 7 million alone killed 64 percent more people than died in the 10-year Vietnam War. Overall, the best estimate of those killed by the victorious communists in Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia is 2,270,000."

So what constitutes a "bloodbath" in Kerry's mind? Oh but I guess we should give him some slack afterall, he did acknowledge the "re-education" if they were fun resorts in which all interred were simply on vacation enjoying margaritas under the hot Vietnamese sun all day!

Kerry, like so many other Democrats, continues to try to rewrite history according to the needs of their agenda. He supports a pull of out of US troops in Iraq, as does Hillary Clinton and pretty much EVERY Democrat in Washington. Typically, as they did in Vietnam, they desire defeat.

How can ANY American actually look to these cowards to be leaders of our nation? How can anyone trust that they will actually ensure our security? So many are so willing to vote for Democrats, who at every turn, appear to desire and support only failure.

Once upon a time TREASON was a serious crime and punishment could be death, today, however, the Democrats have completely changed the meaning of the word, as they have so many others, today it simply is regarded as "dessent"...but frankly, the act itself still has the same intended outcome, the complete destruction of America!

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