Monday, July 16, 2007

Rep. Ellison Compares President Bush to Hitler

Democratic Rep. Ketih Ellison, the first Muslim elected to Congress, in typical liberal fashion has lashed out at President Bush and compared him to Hitler. How does a member of Congress get away with such vitriol?

Of course, those of us with common sense, are capable of seeing this for what it is, just a malicious attack with nothing to support its accusations. How anyone can dare make such statements is not only absurd, but tells me that they do not actually comprehend the full magnitude and pure evil that Hitler forced upon the World.

To so easily compare the insane rantings and orders of excution of the most heinous crimes against humanity that Hitler was responsible for, to ANYTHING President Bush may have said or done is absolutely despicable.

Of course, Rep. Ellison will not be "called out" on will get little attention and will soon be forgotten, as most of the liberal attacks have been in the past 7 years. Rep. Ellison will be given a "free" pass at his attempts to encite hate, while the rest of us are looking at Congress enacting:
Hate Crimes Bill - Matthew Shepard Local Law Enforcement Hate Crimes Prevention Act of 2007 which will prevent anyone from speaking out against homosexual activities, but of course, will do nothing to prevent members of Congress from making such outlandish and absurd comparisons against our very own President.

Go ahead, slander the President, encite hate and anger against him...once upon a time that would have been called "treason"...but no...not today. If you are liberal and are against the president, you can not only call him whatever you please, whenever you can spread propoganda and lies about him...such as has done, again, enciting rage and anger. You can launch websites such as: or to again spread more hate filled nonesense in attempts to reach impressionable youths. Call President Bush a him to Hitler, speak lies to young college kids, create completely inaccurate propoganda films against him (Fahrenheit 911).

But, by all means, do not actually speak out against the immorality of sexual acts outside of not speak of values or talk about proper sexual conduct from your church pulpit....oh no...because then you are just inciting hate...sigh....

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