Monday, July 16, 2007

Fighting to Win or Not?

So according to this video from ABC news, we are supposed to believe that all soldiers fighting feel the same as the two young men interviewed. How about talking with the other members of the platoon? How about listening to the voices of countless others such as the voices that can be found at Vets for Freedom?

Instead, the liberal main stream media wants to continue to portray defeat. We wonder why the support for this war has seemingly dwindled?? Its because the liberal media does its best to convey Iraq as a lost cause. They do not highlight the "wins"...they do not highlight the accomplishments. It is why we have listed to the right an area called "Iraq and Afghanistan"...the links included will provided the reader with more than just the sad, desperate "losses" the liberal media continues to report, while completely ignoring the successes.

As for these soldiers and the many, many more that have volunteered, I am very grateful, of course, for their service. However, I can't say that I believe that serving an extended tour entitles them to "special honors"...I say that because in all previous wars, with exception of Vietnam, our men and women in uniform weren't even told they when they could expect to be returned home. During WWII, our boys didn't go over to Italy, fight for six months and then return home...they fought TO WIN - no matter how long it took. Many of them not returning home for three years or more.

When did volunteering for duty include "crying" about the time you are asked to serve? And again, where does personal responsibility come into play? Don't want to go to Iraq or Afghanistan...well, then its probably a good idea NOT to enlist and of course, by all means, don't re-enlist and then complain when you are asked to do the job you signed up for.

Again, don't get me wrong...I fully support our men and women in service and I respect all who have so willingly volunteered...but I have little use for those who do so only to whine about one twisted their arms to join, no one placed a gun at their heads. We are in a war and as so many have said before, "war is hell"...if they expected a "free ride" or a simple way to earn money towards an education, I guess they are learning the hard way, there is no such thing!

As for those in Congress who are wishy-washy weak, I do agree with these soldiers, they have the "brains of two-year olds" and do not understand what it actually means to fight to win!

It is time we stopped playing games and started allowing our men and women to fight as they have been trained, utilizing all the fire power we have available...stop restricting them with silly "rules of engagement" and allow them to use the technology and capabilities that have made our military the best in the world and guess what? We won't have brave volunteers whinning about being in Iraq so they will be able to finish the job and come home!

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