Sunday, March 09, 2008

Another story in which the MSM is MIA

Ordinarily, the MSM would be all over a story about a woman doing or accomplishing anything, pushing their feminist agenda on all of us. But...funny how, they seem to not be interested in sharing this story.

Could it be that it is a wonderful story of a young woman who did remarkable things under adverse conditions while serving her country? Or is it that she managed to saved the lives the five wounded and the MSM only likes to report on death? Could it be that at the very young age of 19, she managed to not only due her duty, but so exceptionally well and we all know the kinds of stories the MSM likes to report...

Stories of young women, those classifed by the MSM as "role models", running around pantyless from Hollywood club to club in drunken stoopers or "starlettes" entering rehab for the 3rd time to "better" themselves so they won't get caught drinking and driving or lovely tatoo clad "musicians" shooting up heroin, snorting coke and smoking pot out of boredom. Then they present them as stories of "successful feminists" in today's "cruel man's world, struggling with dealing with the pressure of celebrity, money and fame"...sigh...

They actually believe the constant immoral actions and behaviour, such as those exhibited by the likes of Britney Spears, Lindsey Lohan and Amy Winehouse, are not only worth a story, but worth weeks and weeks of coverage and that because of their "success" they should be hailed as something special in society...its disgraceful and these "celebrities" are nothing more than spoiled children, who sadly, can't decipher was it morally right or wrong.

This young woman should be hailed as a hero and as a role model, not simply because she's a "woman"...but because she's a brave human being, who demonstrated great courage as she was willing to lay down her life for those she was serving. She obviously understands what is morally right and what is not. The fact that she volunteered to serve during a time of war is only her first example of heroism and bravery. I know I shall share her story with as many young people as I can. Her story would be well worth the weeks of coverage we see wasted on the "partiers of Hollywood!"

Congratulations to Army Spc. Monica Lin Brown and her family...she has the gratitude and admiration of this blog!

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