Saturday, March 08, 2008

More Mass Graves in Iraq...where's the MSM reporting??

"Human rights groups believe there are hundreds of mass graves in Iraq of people killed during the regime of deposed president Saddam Hussein."

Typically, the MSM is MIA in their reporting on this story coming out of Iraq. If it was a story that started "American soldiers kill innocent" could sure bet they would be reporting it. Or if they could say "Fighting in Iraq intensifies, surge not working"....they would again be jonny on the spot reporting immediately. Likewise, if the story was about the death of any US military man or woman, it would certainly be a lead story.

However, because this story reflects the hideous and cruel conditions that the Iraqi people were forced to live with; torture and vicious murder by their ruthless tyrannt leader, Saddam...the MSM conveniently "misses" reporting this one.

The blatant bias in the MSM today should be spotlighted as often as possible, if we ever hope to return to an age of honest and factual reporting. For far too long, we the people, have allowed the media to dictate what "matters" and what does not.

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