Thursday, May 15, 2008

Liberalism wins again!

For those who believe that liberalism is not dangerous and that activist judges don't exist...take another look. Today in California, the definition of marriage has now been changed by activist judges sitting on the highest court in the state. Gay marriage is now "accepted" in CA as valid and any denial of it has been declared "unconstitutional". know what this means? Soon they will be demanding that all instutions that provide marriage ceremonies, i.e., the Catholic Church, MUST provide them for gays and lesbians as well. Of course, in CA businesses already have to provide "benefits" to domestic partners, but I am sure the benefit cost to businesses are going to sky rocket though, as we have hundreds to thousands of gay/lesbian couples move into CA to marry "legally".

You do realize, however, that we, the people of CA, have voted AGAINST gay marriage more than once...the last being Proposition 22 which stated simply:

“Only marriage between a man and a woman is valid or recognized in California.”

Proposition 22 was ratified by an overwhelming majority of California voters, prevailing by a 23-point margin. Statewide, 4,618,673 votes were cast in favor of the proposition, comprising 61.4% of the total vote. Opponents garnered 2,909,370 votes, for 38.6% of the vote.

Final vote counts revealed that Proposition 22 won in 52 of California's 58 counties, including all of the major metropolitan areas except for San Francisco. The six counties which did not approve Prop. 22 were all in the immediate San Francisco Bay area, including: Alameda county, Marin county, San Francisco county, Santa Cruz county, Sonoma county, and Yolo county.

But once again, we see what activist judges can do. They throw out the people's desires and MAKE their OWN laws based off of their OWN PERSONAL AGENDAS!

California Supreme Court overturns gay marriage ban

May 15 01:45 PM US/Eastern
California's supreme court ruled that a ban on gay marriage was unlawful Thursday, effectively leaving same-sex couples in America's most populous state free to tie the knot in a landmark ruling.

In an opinion that analysts say could have nationwide implications for the issue, the seven-member panel voted 4-3 in favor of plaintiffs who argued that restricting marriage to men and women was discriminatory.

"... limiting the designation of marriage to a union 'between a man and a woman' is unconstitutional and must be stricken from the statute," California Chief Justice Ron George said in the written opinion.

Before Thursday only one US state -- Massachusetts -- allowed gay marriage, although California, New Jersey and Vermont have legislation which grants same-sex partners many of the same legal rights as married couples.

Thursday's ruling came after a long-running legal battle that erupted in 2000 when California voters approved a law declaring that only marriages between men and women could be legally recognized.

In February 2004, the City of San Francisco defied state law by issuing marriage licenses to same-sex couples, arguing that existing laws were illegal because they violated equal rights legislation.

A court later halted the issuance of licenses and declared that same-sex marriages that took place during this period were void.

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However, this should only be this coming November, yet ANOTHER initiative will be included on our CA voters ballots:

Amends the California Constitution to provide that only marriage between a man and a woman is valid or recognized in California. Summary of estimate by Legislative Analyst and Director of Finance of fiscal impact on state and local government: The measure would have no fiscal effect on state or local governments. This is because there would be no change to the manner in which marriages are currently recognized by the state. (Initiative 07-0068.)

To learn more about this initiative and how you can help support it please visit:


Anonymous said...

Legislating bigotry has failed in the past and will fail in the future. The churches of the United States cannot and will not be compelled to celebrate (or even acknowledge) the validity of a "non-traditional" marriage. This has been amply demonstrated in cases where religious organizations have been allowed to discriminate on religious grounds. That doesn't make the discrimination pretty, but it has tended to make it legal. Worry about your own sins.

neat62 said...

There was no bigotry legislated! In fact, this ruling turned over we, the people of CA did in 2000 was to define marriage...we didn't "create" law!

This is going to hurt the homosexual community because it proves that they weren't after "equality" they had it with the reconition of domestic partnerships already existing here in CA.

Those in the "activist" community are pushing their lifestyle CHOICES on the rest of us.

I still want to know how one proves they are gay??

neat62 said...

By the way...homosexuals had the same "right" to marry as anyone else again, there was NO bigotry involved!

And as for worrying about my own sins...if I truly LOVE my neighbor as I am called to do...I will do whatever I can to help them be aware of their nearness to sin and I will try to help them NOT sin, as I would expect them to do for me! So that one day, we will BOTH be in Heaven and share eternal life together!

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