Saturday, May 10, 2008

So where's the outrage in the MSM over this??

So I want to know...where's all the calls for the CA Department of Education to be investigated and illegitimatized? Where's the constant coverage by the MSM, the plastering of this story and any others, (including false stories and accusations) all over national television, newspapers and the web? Where's the calls for the removal of US Dept. of Edu Sectretary Margaret Spellings? Where's the calls for the LA Unified School district to pay BILLIONS in retribution? Where's the STIGMA that should be placed on all prinicipals and know accusing them all of being child molestors? Where's the chastisment of anyone who believes in education?

Oh that's right...those things are are only done when the story involves a CATHOLIC priest! Yet did you know that in 2002 Department of Education carried out a study of sexual abuse in the school system and the report estimated that from 6 percent to 10 percent of all students in public schools would be victims of abuse before graduation? But instead, we have been led to believe that sexual abuse is a problem within the Catholic Church only! We are constantly reminded of we all just witnessed when Pope Benedict XVI came to visit the US. The news media hounded him and even wrote false reports about what he stated in his speeches and homilies and all centered around "sexual abuse" and the "hurt" caused. Its frankly disgusting and once again, demonstrates the hypocrisy in the MSM!

Sound Familiar?

LA assistant principal accused of having sex with teen was transferred to different school, where he allegedly molested again

A school administrator in Los Angeles was transferred to a Watts middle school last year, even though top officials in the Los Angeles Unified School District knew of allegations that he had had sexual relations with a minor girl. The administrator has since been accused of molesting two more students.

Steve Thomas Rooney allegedly had sexual relations with a 15-year-old girl, a student at the Foshay Learning Center, where Rooney was assistant principal. Police told school district administrators of the allegations last spring after Rooney was arrested for waving a gun at the girl’s stepfather. School officials then placed Rooney in a desk job at a local district office; but, last August, he was transferred to Markham Middle School in Watts, where he allegedly molested two more students.

The Foshay student, now 18, last year told police that she had engaged in relations with Rooney. However, she later denied her story after Rooney was arrested; she claims a Foshay administrator told her she “needed to recant everything.” The girl identified the administrator as “Hubbard;” and, the school district’s communications office told the May 6 Los Angeles Times an Alan Hubbard had been removed from Foshay in connection with the Rooney case and, like Rooney, was placed in a “non-school” job.

When Rooney was arrested in March on charges of having sex with a 13-year-old student, the Foshay student again came forward and said she had basically been living with Rooney at his downtown loft. She claimed she had visited his family in New York and become pregnant, though she later had a miscarriage. Los Angeles Police investigators said they found items in Rooney’s apartment that suggested he had had an intimate relationship with the girl.

On May 5, Dan Isaacs, who retired last year as the district’s chief operating officer, said that when he learned of the allegations of sexual abuse at Foshay, he immediately told school district officials of it, including Carol Truscott, the administrator overseeing the district that includes Markham Middle School. The district has a memo by Isaacs concerning the Rooney investigation and addressed to district Superintendent David Brewer and the school board.

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