Thursday, September 11, 2008

Democrats used to be the only party of hypocrits in my mind but now...

Umm...the only hypocrits I see lately are of the Republican kind! As a devout Conservative and Catholic, I am disgusted at the way Palin's gender has been exploited for the sake of the "win".

Some of the "gear" that's being sold, t-shirts, thongs, dolls dressed as dominatrix and really disgusting slogans are being sold by so called CONSERVATIVES supporting Palin!

And since when did Conservatives throw out family values? I thought the reason we were so proud of soccer/hockey mom's...was because they actually were STAY AT HOME MOM's who chose the best job in the world...being a MOM rather than putting their career first?

Oh yea...she's a SUPER woman and can do it all! Fox News proudly showed a video two nights in a row this week of Sarah Palin, the good mother at home fixing, what looked like a burnt and at least day old hamburger for Piper, while casually chatting with the cameraman and interviewer.
When the interviewer decides to ask her 7 year old, "what do you want to be when you grow up?"...her response..."A BABYSITTER!"

Yea, she chooses to be a babysitter probably because she sees MORE of her babysitter than ANYONE else, including mother AND father!

It takes a LOT more to be a mother than just giving birth! Palin clearly put her career first...joining the PTA when her oldest son was only THREE!!!!

Sorry, but the whole celebrity circus of BOTH parties has completely turned me off of all politics!
I am sadly disappointed in the likes of Ann Coulter, Rush Limbaugh and Michael Reagan....those who I dearly loved prior to their showing of true colors..."ANYTHING TO WIN!" was that same crappy attitude that put ARNOLD in office here in CA, rather than actually supporting, promoting and electing a TRUE CONSERVATIVE (Tom McClintock) and where did it get us? 40% MORE debt, more liberal laws then ever on the books and more businesses leaving CA then ever!

Yea...thanks for the "win" much for Conservative values...we have just thrown them all aside so we too, could have a "celebrity candidate", makes me sick.

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