Thursday, September 04, 2008

Sarah Palin...she delivers a good speech, she's lovely to look at...she's not afraid to be direct and bold.

She will put the nail in the coffin of traditional family values, by becoming the new face of feminism.

Her "choice" to keep her Downs Syndrome baby is celebrated everywhere...Conservative pundits are hailing her as the new "Ronald Reagan" and the "savior" of the conservative base and the McCain campaign.

I hope she's prepared for the enormous expectations being lauded upon her.

As for my own personal thoughts...while I think picking her as the VP nominee was a brilliant political strategy and just may garner the "win" come November...I am sad to say, I believe Republicans have once again given in, we have allowed liberals to dictate our direction and we demonstrated we are willing to do ANYTHING simply to get the "win!"

Some have said to me..."well, as long as we get the win"...but I remember all too well many saying that during the recall election when Arnold was being pushed as the only candidate who could "win". What did that get us? A state that has 40% more debt then when we actually recalled Gray Davis! A state that has adopted more liberal policies and one that is losing businesses at a ridiculous rate! Are we better off since we got the "win"?

And how much can a McCain/Palin administration do when we continue to have the most liberal and ineffective Congress ever? If President Bush is currently unable to push any Conservative, yet alone Republican, legislation through this Congress what makes us think that we will be able to do so with a President who is currently a part of the problem?

Oh I know...McCain will "reach across the isle" to work with the Democrats...yea, the ones that I want to see completely defeated, not compromised with! We will see compromise on the Right...we will give in on all issues, heck, McCain has demonstrated his ability to "work" with the liberals...think Global Warming, Campaign Refinance Reform and Immigration. So why do Conservatives believe that this woman, alone, is going to make much of an impact? How will she be able to do what President Bush was unable to do even when he had a majority "Republican" Congress for his first four years?

Sorry, but I am just not ready to jump on the "celebrate Sarah the savior" bus yet. Does it mean I am willing to see Obama and his looney liberal clan win? HELL NO! But I am not going to pretend that I am suddenly overjoyed that my voice was totally ignored and that my party continues to go in its own direction, slowly conforming, to liberal ideas, policies and agenda.

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