Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Sarah Palin? What can I say? Republicans have now publicly and wholeheartedly embraced feminism. Sarah Palin can and has, had it all. I was going to reluctantly vote for moderate McCain. After Palin, I was not gunna vote at all. Now, considering how people are so happy to vote for McCain because he chose someone with a pussy as a running mate, I have decided to vote for Obama. Republicans have sold us out for moderates when we have a far left Congress. It is only a matter of time before they sell us out on the other issues as well. This nation is not worth it as it stands today. Let it fall. Let Obama have at it.

I, Leftistdestroyer, hereby renounce my involvement in the Republican Party and declare Conservatism, as I had belived it to be, dead. I have no plans to join any other party, nor declare myself an independant. I really do not care who runs the country anymore,(the similarities in the two party's are too close) just stay the fuck out of my way. No matter who is in charge, this once great nation steadily moves to the left and towards socialism, and in my opinion, is no longer worth defending. The history of our founding is just that, history.

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